Easy Fairy Party Ideas

well, it's Miss Rora's turn for a party and when I asked her, she thinks she'd like to have her whole preschool class at the park (rather than just a few at home. one of the mums did this for Ryan's class at the start of the year and it was lovely being able to meet all the other mums that way, otherwise I would not be doing the big party!)

so I need ideas for EASY - and gluten free - party food suitable for the park. here are my ideas...

  • teacups (like here but GF of course)
  • popcorn
  • plain chips
  • fairy bread - maybe cut into shapes (GF & regular) *
  • cup cakes topped with tinkerbell pics like this
  • pink drink of some sort (weak cordial?)
  • watermelon & strawberries
sound ok? any suggestions?

* I've just had the idea of making a recipe i saw in mum's New Idea magazine. I was sure I'd posted it here but can't find it. it was pikelets with a ganache and sprinkles on top. i could do a white chocolate / pink colouring ganache (or would the colouring ruin the ganache?)

(the pic above is thanks to twilly on eb :))

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Thermomixer said...

Wonder why people don't comment ?

You have sent lots over to sugarfish for a look. Hope the kids didn't cry when the handles broke off ;)

brazen's crafts said...

i did get lots of comments - but on facebook! my blog uploads automatically over there but doesn't actually link back to here (which is a pain relaly)

LOL at the handles

i bought the marshmallows today, and also some stuff for little party bags :) will buy a bit at a time.

PS: isn't it weird how we have to use word verification on our own blogs...??!!!