Menu Plan

today we are finally having our family christmas with my family haha not very festive feeling ;) because i was sick yesterday mum is doing most of the food.

greek style slow cooked leg of lamb
pumpkin & baby spinach salad (& feta?)
asian noodle salad (gluten free)
strawberry foam
GF foccacia

for the rest of the week:

pumpkin, bacon and herb risotto
black eyed bean jambalaya
pasta with salami (tmx)
stir fry with plain or fried rice
leftover dahl with silverbeet and rice

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Thermomixer said...

LOL - reminds me of one year when we had a really bad xmas and my wife said that she wanted to go away to a B&B for the following xmas. She kept asking every few days if I'd booked in just in case they got booked out and finally relented and called about Australia Day. When I said we'd like to book for xmas they said "BUT WE'VE JUST HAD BLOODY XMAS !!" probably one as bad as ours.

Sorry to hear you are crook again !! not enough gluten in the diet ? ;)

brazen's crafts said...

LOL yes, if christmas is bad it's really bad!

i'm find today, i just keep getting these one day colds, it's very bizarre! lol at the gluten