Delicious Gluten Free Foccacia!


Made this for breakfast this morning and gosh it was yummy! will make this one again and again - it was also very easy!

After some research on the best gluten free "baking" book, I bought myself a copy of "Gluten-Free Baking Classics" by Annalise G Roberts from the Book Depository (sooooo much cheaper!) This is the first recipe I've tried so far and I'm very impressed.

and ready to gobble!

only thing i would change is to double the recipe as it makes a very small quantity.

the dough didn't double in size like it was supposed to, so i was a little worried, but it was light and delicious anyway! (i put it in the car to prove, as suggested by thermomix-er, but given it was nearly 30'c here at 7am perhaps it was too hot in there lol)

here is the recipe (it's called Rustic Flatbread) http://www.foodphilosopher.com/assets/docs/0706menu.cfm

I will make it again very soon and do a thermomix conversion so stay tuned!...

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Thermomixer said...

...but given it was nearly 30'c here at 7am perhaps it was too hot in there...

LOL - that is for cold mornings. At 30 degrees it would have just been fine on the bench. Probably would have cooked in the car.

brazen's crafts said...


it still tasted good!!! might try it again tomorrow and see how it goes out of the car ;)