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I've done quite a bit in the kitchen today, but haven't really got much to write about. I actually spent most of the day scrapbooking for the first time in 3 years (am very impressed with myself!) but still managed to cook a lot too (AND go for a walk, I hope this is all boding well for 2010 lol)

I started the morning making Cyndi's gluten free bread, which I hadn't done in ages, because the last few times I made it, it didn't cook through properly. I'm pleased to report that this loaf was one of the best ever I think :)

I then made a smoothie for my breakfast with watermelon, strawberries, a banana and some ginger. I've decided I don't like ginger in my smoothies :-0 REALLY don't like it...

I then made a batch of chocolate chip cookies (gf of course) whcih were a bit .... odd.... the kids seem to not mind them, but they were very cakey, and I swear they had a hint of curry flavour (and as you can see above I hadn't used my thermomix to make curry lol). I did LOVE the sweetness level (ie: they weren't too sweet)

I then spent the whole day scrapbooking until dinner time, when I am cooking a pot full of black turtle beans which I had soaked overnight (they will be going into the freezer, other than those for these sweet potato and black bean enchiladas for dinner tomorrow night, i roasted the sweet potato in the oven with the bread and cookies this mroning.). I have a batch of bolognese sauce (ragu) in the thermomix, which I'll pop in the thermoserver in a few minutes and then some Risotto Milanese (well, fake, i have no saffron lol) to go with it.

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Thermomixer said...

Sounds like a very productive day. Keep it up.