a Delicious Risotto Variation (Chicken, Porcini, Pea and Pumpkin) (GF, TMX)

The other night I was making risotto but didn't want to wait til our F&V shop arrived (home with Geoff) so decided to use up some stuff in the fridge and freezer. this was VERY good!! I make my risotto now based on baf65's recipe, which is a good one, much better than the one in my copy of the EDC. (i do love Tenina's version with basil, cream and lemon zest though, mmmmm)

I made this risotto using peas from our garden! yay! they were delish (though they needed a little more cooking than I'd given them).

If you are doing parmesan chop it before starting (maybe 10 secs on speed 8 i think)
chop a medium onion on speed 5 for a few seconds
add 50g of olive oil
saute for 2mins/100C/speed soft
add in some dried porcini mushrooms then chop on speed 5 until you can hear they are mostly chopped
pop in the butterfly
add 380g of arborio rice and 100g of white wine
saute for 2mins/100c/speed soft/reverse
add in 2tsp of stock concentrate (or 2 stock cubes) and 1000g of water
cook for 16mins/100c/speed soft/reverse *

Pour into thermoserver and leave to satnd for 5mins or so until more of the liquid is absorbed. serve with parmesan if desired

* at 8 minutes i added in:
1 chicken breast which i had previous put into portuguese spices, then grilled and chopped into 2cm pieces,
around 1/2 cup fresh peas (though i think fresh need to go in at the start of the cooking, frozen would go in now)
and about 200ml of pumpkin soup from the freezer :)

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clear marie said...

I'm making my first Risotto as I type this, a cross between the two recipes you linked with bacon making up some of the mushroom weight as I didn't have enough ..

Thanks for the dinner inspiration :)

Thermomixer said...

Good work - great to see you have garden peas. We had some broad beans and have some cgard, but it is a constant battle with caterpillars and snail/slugs.

Great to see another "wot's Left in fridge" meal do so well.