YUM! English Muffins (GF)

well, as you can see I haven't been blogging much and to be honest I haven't been cooking much either. only what I have to and not even a lot of that. first I had the 3+ months of sinusitis and then discovered I had 2 bad teeth and have started the process for root canal work (the lesson here is if you have ongoing sinus issues please ALSO have your teeth checked, just in case)

so anyway, this is one thing I did make recently. VERY yummy but not all that much like a 'real' gluten english muffin, i will make them again as we enjoyed them very much. I did do them in the thermomix but didn't write any method up yet. I will do that next time I make them :)

some tips: these are much nicer and easier made in silicone moulds rather than in traditional tins. if you need to use a tin greasing it will kind of 'fry' the outsides of the muffins :(

oh and the recipe!!! this one here :) i think you could safely reduce the sugar to at least half, if not one third of what the (american) recipe calls for.


Thermomixer said...

Good to see you getting back to blogging. Glad to hear that your problems may be getting solved - good luck with the root canals - which child have you decided to sell? ;)

brazen's crafts said...

haha today it's the 3.5yo, you want her? i'll do you a very good deal LOL