chicken nugget adventures

if anyone has a FABULOUS gluten free chicken nugget recipe please share, i am not having luck!

tonight am trying version 3, based on chat with a friend last week. have cut up the breast into chunks, used a meat mallet lightly, mixed in mayo (unfortunately not homemade) with a little paprika and turmeric, and then rolled in crushed GF cornflakes (which were rejected as breakfast cereal) and sprayed with a little rice bran oil. now baking... fingers crossed!

we are having with frozen chips (the aldi purple ones are GF) and i will probably do some steamed veg as i can't cope without veg LOL

update: these were the most successful so far! they tasted a little sweet to me (from the mayo no doubt) but not inedible, and emelia wasn't too keen, but everyone else loved them! they were all demolished ;)
next time i will have to try making my own mayo (not that i've had any success with it yet ;))


Jo Whitton said...

Sounds yummy - let us know how they go!

brazen's crafts said...

they were a hit jo! next time will try making the mayo though.

my friend actually said to use yoghurt but i was trying to do the dairy free thing, it seems to be affecting me more and more...

The Mini Mum said...

This is how we make ours Braz:

Cut chicken into nugget chunks
Dip in GF plain flour (any kind, rice flour works well too)
Then egg & rice/soy milk mixture (I make it up any old way, generally one egg plus a haphazard amount of milk)
Back in flour
Then egg/milk mix
Then coat in GF rice crumbs

And this is the important part. DO NOT bake. They do taste nice baked, but they taste even better shallow fried in a little bit of canola oil (about 1/2 cm in the bottom of a large frypan)

And then see how long they last out of the pan. Ours go very, very quickly!

brazen's crafts said...

thanks mousey, i did them like that the first time but baked, not fried. perhaps i should bake mine and fry theirs ;)

last night's were sooooo tender so i think the light bash with the meat mallet did the trick!

The Mini Mum said...

oh, for a little extra flavour, put a little garlic salt either in the flour or the crumbs. Just a bit though as that stuff is strong!