Busy baking day!

it's such a stunning spring day here in Canberra today, it seems such a shame to "waste" it in the kitchen! but after doing the grocery shopping this morning I must cook this afternoon, as I need lots of things ready for tomorrow - which is not only Fathers Day but also the day my gorgeous big girl turns 5!!!! No party for her this year but we are having an afternoon tea at the park after preschool with 2 of her friends, plus of course she'll be wanting cupcakes to take to preschool to share... (whose idea was it to first start that tradition,i want to know?!) lol

so this afternoon i need to make:
plus i also hoped to get made
  • Strawberry Foam (had better get those strawberries washed and into the freezer!)
  • Apple slice for mum (found a tin of apples in the pantry i need to use up), will use the patty cake recipe above for the base, unless i have a GF cake mix in the cupboard that is near its use by date...
  • Josie's Thermomix Banana Loaf

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Jo Whitton said...

Sounds like you must be feeling better! Happy cooking :) Jo