I posted my meal plan on the thermomix forum on the weekend:

Saturday night i was out for dinner (vietnamese) but made potato and leek soup with garlic pizza for dinner for everyone else

yesterday's lunch was sweet potato and chickpea soup

last night M&D came for dinner and we had bbq meat and i'll make some tmx salads - beetroot, coleslaw and asian noodle salad

and still to have....
butter chicken & a potato and kale curry
vegie stir fry with the tofu i bought
brussels sprouts (probably with steamed veg and grilled meat of some kind or maybe a roast)
pumpkin & english spinach lasagne

I'm nearly out of meat in my freezer now but can't afford to do my big meat shop i usually do every few months, so i'm trying to use what i have (just chicken, some round steak and one pack of sausages) and do some more vegetarian meals.


traceyleigh said...

Hey gorgeous,

I'm just wondering if you have a copy of Krissy's (I think I have a recipe for that blog) nasi goreng. Her blog has disappeared and I can't find where I wrote it down. :-(

Hope you can help.


brazen's crafts said...

oh no, i didn't know her blog had gone :( i knew she wasn't going to post in it much.

i do have a GF version but probably not the original...

brazen's crafts said...

here you go http://brazen20au.blogspot.com/2008/12/nasi-goreng-gluten-free.html

have you tried googling and looking at the cache?

or even just clicking on the link and it's still there LOL http://krissyscookingblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/nasi-goreng.html