Tips for Cooking Gluten Free

This post is going to be a work in progress, and designed to be tips for the novice gluten free cook - those cooking for friends or family, or with a new diagnosis of coeliac disease or a gluten intolerance. I'll just add to it as i think of things...

General Tips
  • Lots of recipes are naturally gluten free, or can be with just a few simple label checks such as risotto made with a GF stock
  • Make sure you check ALL ingredients to ensure they're GF - it's amazing what you think can't possibly have gluten in them that does!! things like sauces, lollies, sprinkles, icing sugar, even corn flour! lol
  • Ensure your work area is totally gluten free, and all equipment is too. it's better to use steel or silicone spoons to stir or mix, than wooden (same with chopping boards, glass or marble is probably best, followed by plastic then wooden). Ensure all strainers (ie: for pasta etc) can be thoroughly cleaned - most wire strainers can NOT be used as they are impossible to get clean enough.
Baking Tips
  • If using used metal tins for baking clean very well and line thoroughly with baking paper. If you have silicone "tins" they are preferable as they are much easier to clean thoroughly.
  • If you only want to make a simple cake it's probably much easier & cheaper to go with a packet mix (Basco is the most common but there are other brands it's possible to get) than to buy all the separate ingredients if it's a one off.
  • be aware that many sprinkles and icing sugar / icing mixes contain gluten. check labels carefully
Catering Tips
  • For a buffet situation ensure that GF food is kept away from the gluten food, and everyone is aware not to cross contaminate it by swapping spoons, spilling other gluten foods into it etc
  • Let your GF guests serve themselves first if possible
Lastly, don't be offended if your gluten free guest prefers to cater for themself, for some people even the slightest trace or crumb of gluten can make them extremely sick :(

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