Parents of Children with Coeliac Disease

here is a link you should read. Finding out your child has coeliac disease is such a stressful thing, even though you know it is better than say, a diagnosis of cancer, or anaphylaxis, it's still awful to know that your child can never go anywhere and just eat what they want again in their life - not unless they want to be very very ill, immediately or in the future. even nearly 9 months after Rora's diagnosis, and even with how well we've all adapted, I feel like crying at knowing this is forever.


here is another great post written by a parent whose 2yo was diagnosed with celiac disease. Stephanie wrote the Year of Slow Cooking blog (and book)


I can relate to so much of what she's written in the post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
I work in endoscopy and so see the coeliac diagnosis unfortunately all too often and i'd think it will only increase. Thanks for reminding me not to get complacent about it, but to understand how earth shattering this is. I'm hoping for a new job at work, where I'll be the educator, and if this comes about one thing I want to do is prepare more information for those with a coeliac diagnosis.

brazen's crafts said...

that would be wonderful, to be able to help people prepare for it. I think it's quite different when it's your child rather than yourself with the diagnosis, there's a different sense of responsibility.

good luck :)