Breakfast Shakes

inspired by the threads on the forum I've been making some breakfast smoothies a few times a week (I'm a bit bored with porridge finally lol)

Here are the threads:

here's what i've been throwing in mine:
4-5 strawberries, hulled
1 large banana, peeled (frozen is fine)
a good handful of cashews
sprinkle of sunflower seeds (maybe 10g)
some chia seeds
a few stalks of soemthing green - i've used english spinach before, and used parsley today (i promise you can't taste it at all!)
some seaweedy stuff (i use the nori wrappers torn up but i'm sure there's better stuff ou can buy)
and milk of your choice (i use my tmx rice milk) - add enough to get your desired consistency
i think some fresh juice might be nice in it too, or a little soda water

i generally put everything but the milk in and whizz it up for 30-60 secs on speed 8 or so, then add the milk and do another 30-60 secs on speed 6-8, then serve. delish!

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