Tonight - Zacusca...

...was pretty yum.

Zucusca is a Rumanian speciality spread on bread, served as a sauce with grilled meat or used as a sauce for pasta. you can find the thermomix recipe here

I liked it, the kids liked it and dh didn't mind it (he doesn't actually like eggplant, which i had only used around 450g of).

we had ours with grilled sausages / chevapi sausages and veg steamed in the varoma while the zacusca cooked (they took 30 mins for 1" cubes). i whizzed mine at the end to make it more like pasta sauce.

Here's exactly how i made mine:

450g eggplants
400 g red & green capsicums
150 g onions (1 medium large)
600 g tomatoes
1 bayleaf
200 g olive oil (i know it's heaps but it didn't seem oily)
3 tspns spanish vegetable stock concentrate
1 tsp pepper
Chilli, according to taste

Cut vegetables into 1.5" cubes prior to putting in thermomix
Chop eggplants 8 secs/speed 5. Set aside.
Chop capsicums and onions 5 secs/speed 5. Set aside.
Chop tomatoes for 5 secs/speed 5. Now add all the ingredients incl. spices and oil to the TM bowl.
Cook for 45 mins/100°/speed 2 without MC. Place the basket on top of the lid to stop the sauce decorating your kitchen.

* If you would like a smoother sauce, you can puree it on speed 6 to desired consistency. Pour into sterlised jars and close tightly.

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