Menu Plan

all thermomix meals this week as i'm sooo not in the mood for cooking lOL

Chicken Pasta Casserole (p85 Everyday Cookbook)
Yummy Frittata with Coriander Chilli Sauce (p 14 Cyndi's book, thanks Judy :))
Buckwheat tabouleh & grilled chicken with salad (p57 vegetarian cookbook)
spanish green lentil & chorizo sausage soup (p24 gluten free cookbook)
ragu / spag bol (p57 everyday cookbook)
pumpkin soup & foccacia romano (TMX forum)
plus cyndi's sweet chilli sauce

5 mushrooms
fresh basil, mint and italian (flat) parsley
5 carrots
4 onions
red capsicum
red onion
green or yellow zucchini
eggs x 3 cartons
fetta cheese (front fridge)
1 cucumber
2-3 tomatoes
1/2 celery
pumpkin - enough to make large batch of soup
large sweet potato
5 large red chillis
3 small red chillis

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