Ryan's birthday party

didn't go exactly according to plan food-wise, as i had been so sick before-hand (really only came good on the friday). here is what i was planning and here is what we ended up with, i wanted it to be as close to gluten free as possible:

  • mini frankfurts (aldi american hot dogs cut into 3 pieces each)
  • mini sausages (what are they called? these were the peppercorn brand ones)
  • cheese sticks (the aldi brand)
  • cherry tomatoes
  • some fruit (the kids ate 2 full platters of cut up fruit!)
  • fairy bread (i made a loaf of GF breadmaker bread but it was a disaster so we ended up with a gluten and a GF version) with GF sprinkles / 100's & 1000's (they also had all natural colours)
  • nachos & pumpkin soup for grownups
  • a GF caramel mud cake (this did not work well - it tasted nice but was as hard as a rock. well, nearly) for the birthday cake with a wall-e topper and some GF candy-coated mini choc chips (Blackwood brand)
  • and (phew) huge GF cupcakes with a buttercream frosting and jelly crystals (which have virtually no colour so kind of pointless!)

afterwards i put out some Woolies "Free From" brand plain chips and some of the aldi twisties for the kids to eat. I had a stash of lollies but by the time we'd handed out chocolate freddoes and GF lollypops as prizes for various games, as well as the size of the cupcakes! I decided they'd had enough sugar ;)

The day before his birthday he had taken pattycakes to school - his request was carrot cakes and while i thought the kids would not be keen apparently they went down a treat, after his teacher told them they had baby carrots in them LOL they were topped with buttercream frosting and sprinkles (not gluten free as we didn't have any at home, just for school)

still can't believe my boy is 6!!!

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