Rora's Gluten Free Eating Adventures

we do tend to eat GF out and about quite often, but I never remember to take any pics! anyway, now that geoff has put a shortcut to the camera on my phone i am trying to take more ;)

on Monday we went to Deeks for morning tea. Rora had (2) babycinos and i had a chai latte (delish) and we shared a 'hazelnut wafer' which was like a creamy slice. it was quite heavy in texture but very nice none the less. I used to eat at Deeks occasionally when i worked in Dickson and i always found the meals nice (though I preferred to eat next door at Rainbow Dreams as I'm a curry addict, in case you didn't guess lol) Rora really enjoyed her morning tea and i think half of the slice each was more than enough.

On Sunday Geoff was trying to study, ryan had gone to friends' to play, emelia was at a birthday party and so rora and I went to the Kingston / Old Bus Depot Markets. I hadn't been there since having kids (!!) but had a vague feeling I'd heard good things about GF food there. I wasn't wrong!

There were so many stalls with yummy things labelled gluten free, and many with taste tests - Rora lOVED the honey macadamias I picked up as we walked in (she loves nuts).

AT the Divine and Delicious stall (photo 2nd from top) she picked out a yummy cake to have later - It was something like STicky caramel and date cake. it was heavy but very rich, moist and yummy, with a ltitle spice and topped with a creamy frosting.

we then set out looking for something to have for lunch. after asking at the asian (thai?) stall where they had nothing - but at least they knew they did! - i found the ethiopian stall next door. perfect as I've been wanting to try ethiopian and the dinner date i organised to try it didn't work out (well, the dinner date did but we went to zeffs instead lol). anyway these curries were from Fekertes in Dickson and were absolutely delicious. we had a chicken curry, which was similar to a thai curry, a lentil dish which was divine, and a bean curry which was very nice too. rora loved them (they were all mild, though the bean curry was a little spicier than the other 2) and ate more than me! at $12 for the plate you see above they weren't as cheap as some meals but so good they were worth it. i think ethiopian curries might become my new love LOL

anyway, i highly recommend an outing to the kingston markets if you want somewhere interesting to go with GF options to tempt you!

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