Party Stuff!

ryan is having his birthday party in a few weeks and i had it all planned (in fact half the stuff bought) and now he wants to do a Pyjama party at dinner time followed by a movie & sleepover (yikes!)

anyway, i'm determined to do it as close to GF as possible, for the kids as well as the parents who i'm assuming are likely to stay (at least half of the parents stayed at the party we were at on the weekend). i need it to be GF, cheap and stuff that most people / kids like as well as easy for me to do!

mini frankfurts
mini meatballs *
cheese cubes
cherry tomatoes
cucumber sticks
chicken nuggets *
some fruit
fairy bread **

and nachos for grownups *

plus some popcorn & chips etc for after

and the dreaded cake (such pressure!!!) *

* I'll make these ahead and freeze them, for the nachos it will just be my vegie nachos topping and the cake without the decorations
** i'm going to do a trial run with GF bread but if that doesn't work i will just use regular. i won't use 100'2 & 1000's but either jelly crystals (which i seem to have tons of atm!) or coloured sugar


~ * Rae * ~ said...

Its Jess' party next Monday - I usually do a cheese platter for grown ups but that gets exxy - nachos is a great idea. I'll file that away. This year we're at apark so nachos may not work but maybe I"ll just do homemade bread and hommus...

brazen's crafts said...

hey rae, in the past I've made the macho sauce and served it in a tupperware thermal bowl or left it in the slow cooker to keep it warm in the park. Serve with corn chips, grated cheese and sour cream - can be eaten as a chip n dip or as chilli :)