What did you use your Thermomix for today?

We have a thread about this over at the thermomix forum, but I was thinking today just how much I had used it, and how you would never use any other kitchen 'gadget' as much! and today wasn't even a cooking day, some days it runs hot all day!!!

Today I made:

  • Rice Porridge with brown rice flakes, a banana and rice milk
  • Macaroni Cheese, a packet of Basco gluten free for Rora's lunch - Harmony posted a how to 
  • Chocolate Milkshake for the kids' afternoon tea
  • Cannelini Bean Dip for my afternoon tea (and rora had some too)
  • Preparation for the Taco Meat for tonight's dinner (chopping the onions and vegies. i tried to cook it in there but haven't got the technique right yet)
  • Custard for the kids' dessert after their shower
so if you have a Thermomix what did you make today?

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