Menu Plan for the Ill

I'm sick. OK, so i'm not in my death bed but I'm not well and i didn't get anything done on the weekend including the F&V shopping. neither did geoff (we had no bread and milk for breakfast or the kids' school lunches today) so today after dropping the kids at school i stopped by our local supermarket (which i usually avoid at all costs) to do a quick shop, before coming home to collapse.

what made me wonder though was the fact that i am once again sick the weekend before a party / big event where i had planned to prep much of the food the weekend before. aagh. hopefully i will get better soon, i could start something today but am scared of germifying all our guests.

so the menu plan - easy and basic

tacos with refried beans
spag bol (for wednesday night)
roast lamb in slow cooker or a casserole with potatoes
vegetable curry or lentils
soup of some sort

plus for the party

turkey nuggets (was able to get minced turkey marked down)
nacho topping in slow cooker

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