Asian Soup with GF wontons (GF, TMX)

this is not so much a recipe as it is a reminder for me of what i did tonight :) it needs some refinement ;)

500g veal mince (or use pork or mix of pork & veal, pork & prawn)
1 small onion
4 garlic cloves
2 small carrots
1" ginger
1 egg
2-3 shallots, cut into 1" lengths

chop on speed 6 & mix well

soak rice paper wrappers in hot water, fold four sides into the centre, put tspnful in centre and bring in as for wontons. place in base of varoma (don't line with baking paper or if you do poke holes in bottom - mine stewed in the collected steam :()

no need to wash out tmx bowl, any leftover mince adds flavour to broth

in basket place:
some celery leaves
1 small carrot, chopped diagonally
star anise (i used 3, was not enough)
4 garlic cloves
1" ginger sliced
black peppercorns if desired

in bowl of tmx place 800g water, splash of tamari and good splosh of sesame oil. i also added some chicken stock powder as i was out of homemade stock concentrate.

place basket in

cook for 10 minutes on varoma speed 3/4

asian veg:
use any leafy green veg, slice very finely and place in top of varoma

put varoma on top for 10 minutes on varoma speed 3

** i'm not really sure about cooking times ATM as i totally overcooked the wontons.

serve with rice noodles (soaked) and some of the broth, wontons and greens.

would be lovely with some chilli in it too

~*Rae*~'s failsafe version


~ * Rae * ~ said...

i'm trying this tonight - my rice papers are the large size so my wontons will be huge! will let you know how it goes...

~ * Rae * ~ said...

Ok, so we had this for dinner (modified for our diet of course) - it was great but very mild (no ginger, no spices). I've done a write-up, with a pic on my blog. Thanks for the recipe.

brazen's crafts said...

glad you liked it!