Gluten Free Review - Melinda's Choc Walnut Slice

Woolworths had these packet mixes on sale - buy 2 and save $xxx. so i let rora pick 3 and i picked one. this is the only one I've made so far and I thought I would review it.

It was very easy to make, just mixing a little oil and water into the first 2 packets, then baking for 15 minutes (my oven started to burn it just after 10 minutes). then let it cool slightly, mix up the icing and spread on top. i found the icing very hard to spread - it didn't want to stick to the slice (it certainly didn't look anything like the icing on the front of the box!).

everyone enjoyed it, even with the walnuts which were chopped quite finely, and it was virtually demolished that night! (only 2 small pieces were left). the slice was fairly crumbly.

the slice is also dairy free and egg free as well as gluten free. the list of ingredients is not too bad, other than one preservative.

to be honest if i added chopped walnuts to this chocolate fudge slice, which is barely any more involved to make, and then made an icing for the top (which i never bother with lol) it would be nearly identical for much less cost and barely any more effort. but if i was feeling particularly lazy i would buy this again :D heheheh

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