Thermomix Cooking Class Report

as requested ;)

it was great!!

quite different to what i thought it would be, but i enjoyed it none-the-less

Cyndi O'Meara was great (i know her website looks a little dodgy but she was fabulous, very passionate and made a lot of sense). i could have happily just gone to see her without any cooking!!! i definitely want to get her books when i can.

i didn't get to try much of the food unfortunately (if it was just doing weightwatchers i would have, but because i'm trying to sort out food intolerances etc i didn't want to waste the past week). i was disappointed that there was only one new recipe - the most divine cauliflower and date curry which i can't wait to try when they post the recipe on the blog . all the other recipes were from various cookbooks. they also didn't hand out a copy of the recipes cooked which i thought was pretty slack. anyway, here is what they cooked (i think, i'm a bit vague without a piece of paper to remind me!):
  • raspberry icecream
  • mango sorbet
  • tomato & cashew chunky dip (tried this, yum!)
  • coleslaw (cyndi's recipe)
  • TM31 bread
  • a noodle soup (grace mazur was there and did this)
  • gluten free cheese & herb muffins
  • the cauliflower and date tagine
  • josie's meatloaf with vegies and sauce
  • a smoothie type thing
that's all i can remember (not helped by a 4yo complaining repetitively in my ear) there were also some cakes and things from cyndi's cookbooks, and some other things like gluten free bread etc.

i wish that cyndi had talked more about the specific recipes and how they illustrated her theories - which she did really well for the smoothie thingie - it was almost like the recipes and the talk weren't related half the time! (cyndi talked a lot about "real" food vs "fake / synthetic" food)

i also got to meet another karen from canberra who is on eb and a thermomix addict - hi karen! it was lovely to meet you and have some company!

overall i just enjoyed going along and would happily go along to another class (but i wouldn't pay more unless i was going to be getting a heap of new recipes with handouts)


karen said...

Thanks :) I would have liked to have gone, but life has this habit of getting away on me. Will try to be more organised next time!

brazen's crafts said...

hopefully they will do another soon! they got nearly 70 there so a very decent turnout!

Anonymous said...

Hi :) Thanks, was lovely to meet you.
I agree, it was worth going just to listen to Cyndi. I've ordered Cyndi's book's last night-looking forward to reading them. Now Ive gotta get me a copy of the cauli & date tagine and those yummy muffins ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey :) not sure if you noticed or not, that the Thermomix blog has the yum date & cauli curry up.

Happy Cooking!