Lucus Cake

from a friend...

Lucus Cake

600mls thicken cream
1 packet of “morning coffee Biscuits”
I mug of water/ warm or cold
1tbl heaped of coffee
3 Sheets of foil
1 Packet of “white wings” Vanilla Instant Pudding

Put your 3 sheets foil down onto a tray ( make sure its long enough to put 7 biscuits across).

Mix with a mix master cream and pudding until its nice and fluffy and thick, while that is mixing dip your biscuits in the water and coffee, and place them down on foil 7across and 3 down so you should have 21 biscuits.
(that is 3 biscuits long, and 7 biscuits wide, so its a squarish shape)

Then spread half your pudding mix out on top of the biscuits.

Then repeat it all over again.

When you have the 2 layers get the sides of the foil and bring them together, to make a triangle.

Put in the fridge to set for 2 hrs.

Then with the left over coffee/ water use it for chocolate icing (however you would make your own chocolate icing), then sprinkle the top with a flake.


Thermomixer said...

think I need pictures - do you have the cake on the bottom and the sides of foil come together on top??

Could you place foil in square baking dish and do same?

Does it all get squashed together?

I think we need Warren to come over with his camera

brazen's crafts said...

i have no idea! it's not something i'm likely to make either unfortunately ;)