Gluten Free Rice Bread, (GF, TMX)

I finally had a go at making my own gluten free bread today, after a friend loaned me her breadmaker to try with the possibility of keeping it. I'm not sure that i actually need it, given I had to mix the dough in the thermomix anyway lol the only advantage would be using the time delay setting which I'm assuming you could do with GF dough despite it being all mixed together the night before, because the book doesn't say otherwise, anyone had any experience with this?

the breadmaker is the Breville Bread Master Big Loaf, which is no longer available.

(i should mention here that i do actually have my own bread maker - which hasn't been used since buying the thermomix of course ;) - a sunbeam - but it doens't have a removable blade so is not suitable to use for rora's bread. i must get around to selling it in fact!! i much prefer being able to make my bread quickly when i need it, or making breads such as foccacias, plaited loaves etc, plus i think it tastes better than breadmaker bread)

anyway, this bread was very nice. it smelled and tasted very similar to "real" bread. the texture looked similar, though it did get soggy pretty quickly as a sandwich bread.

Gluten Free Rice Bread
400g white rice
180g brown rice
1.5 tbs guar gum
3 tabs sugar (hmmm i think i put 3 tspns instead!)
1.5 tspns salt
3 tabs milk powder
2 tspns dried yeast (i use lowan brand which is GF)
450g water
3 tabs oil
3 x 60g eggs
1 tspn apple cider vinegar

mill the rices in the thermomix at speed 10 for 2 minutes until smooth flour. (you might want to stop half way through, scrape down and check consistency)
add the other dried ingredients and mix on speed 6 for 2-4 seconds to sift and mix.

place a 1L bowl on top of the lid and measure out the water, add the other wet ingredients and mix together.

turn the thermomix onto closed lid, knead setting and pour the wet ingredients through the lid. continue on knead setting until mixed. you might find it useful to stop and scrape down the sides part way through.

using a spatula place dough into the breadtin and cook according to directions.
(for this machine it is basic bread setting, 1kg size, i did a light crust and it took 3 hours and 10 minutes)


Anonymous said...

The GF bread recipes using eggs (or anything perishable) prob. better to not be left on a delay setting!

Cathy said...

How long and at what temperature in a normal oven instead of a bread maker?