Nem Nuong (GF, TMX)

Last night's dinner was a big (italian style lol) salad with Nem Nuong

i didn't have any pork - i though the recipe needed pork and veal mince but spaced it and bought double amounts of veal and no pork lol. it made them a little dry but they were still yum. I made a double batch and there was not one left after feeding 3 adults and 3 kids (SIL was here for dinner).

i won't worry about C&P this recipe across as the one i have in my vietnamese recipe book is almost identical :) this recipe was a CINCH in the thermomix though - i just roasted then ground the rice in it first, then chopped the garlic and chives (i'd run out of shallots / green onions) and then added in everything else (i actually had a coarse ground mince so didn't need to make my own)

i love these made quite small and put in the rice paper rolls, or served with rice vermicelli and salad, and nuoc mam.

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