Whisky Truffles

these are great to make for christmas! (originally from a an ABC TV recipe, possible Ian Parmenter, it's been about 6 years since i last made them!)

Whiskey Truffles
400g dark chocolate, melted in a bowl over hot water
150g condensed milk
75g melted butter
75ml Irish whiskey (less if too strong (I wanted to add more!), alternatives can be used, such as brandy or orange liqueur)
chocolate granules, and / or cocoa, for coating

  • add condensed milk and melted butter to mixer bowl and mix on slow speed
  • add melted chocolate & whiskey, mix well
  • pour onto tray lined with plastic (to a depth of about 20mm)
  • place in refrigerator to set. When set, but into cubes and then roll into balls, about 3cm in diameter
  • using your hands, roll truffle in chocolate granules or cocoa to coat and then place on plastic sheet to set
  • allow to set for half an hour in cool area of room before placing in refrigerator for half an hour
  • allow chocolates to regain room temperature before applying second coat if you want another layer

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