Noodle Poodle

what do you get when you cross stir fried noodles & veg with leftover hot dogs and need to make it appealing to the cranky 5yo who wants nuggets and chips??

Noodle Poodle of course!

fry julienned carrots and onions & garlic, add julienned capsicums and hot dog. drain noodles (soaked in boiling water to separate) and add. add some sesame oil and hoisin sauce, mix well and serve.

of course you can swap the hot dogs out with any kind of meat or tofu :)

i'm off to the gold coast at 6am tomorrow for a weekend that is childfree and girls only - can't wait! see you all next week ;)


Susana said...

Love it! I'm guessing he ate it.

Have a great time at MMM! See you when you get home.

Brodie Bears Blog said...

Errrm, so how am i going to feed my family with you away and not posting yummy recipe's? :-) Have a fab time.