Camp Cooking

we are going camping for a week in october. it's the first time we've camped for more than 2 nights so it will be interesting to see how we go foodwise! we don't have a fridge or any great way to keep things cold - we have an esky and can borrow another but last time we tried to pack for a weekend the food was all swimming in water after 24 hours :( the last few days won't be so bad as we're camping with friends who'll be staying in cabins (*waving hello to my lurkers lol*) so we can refreeze freezer blocks etc, but the first 4-5 days we'll be on our own in a campground with no electricity.

we do have a campstove now which is more than we've had before! we dont' have any pots though as i gave all our old ones away before we started camping. i need to get out to some garage sales to see if i can get some more. i do have a huge cast iron frypan i picked up that way but it needs serious rust removal done on it first...

so anyway, i've been meaning to post some ideas on here, but kept forgetting, but i just found this link on taste which reminded me :)


Dani said...

we find that soup/casserole things frozen into large blocks will last a few days and keep your milk etc chilled.
Potatoes pack easily and can be baked in the fire.
Op shops are great for old pots too

brazen's crafts said...

i'm sure i did a spag bol sauce and froze it to take last time and had to wait an extra day for it to defrost lol

it'd be good to cook a few meals ahead to have a cooking holiday, though cooking might fill in some time too ;)

didn't think of the op shop, great idea, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas and links. Even for us in cabins :)