Links - Sweets (cakes, slices, pancakes etc)

I've discovered that there just aren't enough labels i can use to save a month's worth of recipes! and without the labels i can't find a recipe i'm looking for... so what i'll do is start a few posts with specific categories so that they will hopefully need less labels ;)

NEW Almond poppy seed bread

NEW Apple upside-down biscuit cake

banana bread

NEW banana bread, really good low fat

blueberry buttermilk pancakes

thanks susana for this one, it's divine and soooo much better than the dry one i made today :(
blueberry crumble slice
and another version blueberry crumb bars
and yet another version! blueberry crisp bars

NEW buttermilk blueberry muffins - oh no, i forgot to link this one! i can't find the exact recipe but here are some to pick from

NEW Cinnamon Apple Cake

crock pot chocolate mousse

creamy lemon blueberry bars

NEW damp lemon & almond cake

NEW elmo cupcakes (decorating idea)

german pancakes

ginger lime cupcakes

golden oat muffins

layered cream cheese brownies

NEW lemon marscarpone blondies

lemon meringue pie

orange almond cupcakes

NEW peanut butter swirled brownies

small coconut layer cake


NEW Upside-down raspberry-plum cake

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