Curried Sausages, Thermomix (first draft)

this is going to be such a rough recipe - i wasn't paying attention when i was making it, it was very hap hazard lol...

curried snags are one of G's favourite meals. we didn't really have them growing up so i'm not really all that good at cooking them. but he RAVED about these tonight (i thought they were okish and the kids wouldn't eat them lol) so he actually requested that i write this down.

they were a last minute thing with leftover sausages in the fridge and still no choku bai jo shop.

1 onion, quartered
olive oil, about 20g i guess
1-2 garlic cloves
curry powder to your taste, i used about 3-4 tspns maybe? (half aldi curry mix and half keens curry powder, plus some cumin and coriander to add more flavour without spice for ryan)
flour or cornflour, quite a lot, maybe 1/3 cup?
around 600ml water
about 1/4 cup sweet soy sauce (or some beef stock powder and a little sugar OR mango chutney)
about 1/4 cup tomato sauce (ketchup)
about 8 or so sausages, precooked (boiled or fried) and skinned, sliced
1-2 packets frozen vegies (or fresh diced mixed veg)

chop onion and garlic, spped 6 for about 5 seconds
add curry powder and flour and cook for 3 mintues on 100' reverse speed 2-4
add water and soy sauce, cook for 10 minutes on 100' reverse speed 2
add sausages and vegies, cook for 5 minutes on 100' reverse speed 2 *
serve with steamed rice

* i actually had to cook mine longer to thicken the sauce but i had used a LOT more water and a lot less flour so you may need to adjust the time if this isn't long enough. by the time the sauce was done half the vegies had disintegrated :(

not sure when i'll get around to refining this recipe as it's not my favourite meal ;) so if you try it please report any changes!

ETA - forgot the tomato sauce!


Thermomixer said...

Keep working on it - sounds good. You have forgotten to add oil and saute before adding curry powder. Something that I have been trialling is to use apples that have been cooked & pulverised to increase volume and thicken dishes rather than water heaps of flour. I like apples with curry, but I'm weird. Don't tell the family if you try it.

Did you get a newsletter from TMX HQ with chicken cacciatore recipe of the month?

brazen's crafts said...

ooops thanks for that!

and yes, i can't tell the family, especially geoff ;) i usually add lentils to thicken but of course you need to do that at the start...

no, i asked josie to have my new address passed on to the list sender but no newsletter - would you mind forwarding it? :) thanks!