Corn Chowder

as i posted a week or two ago my mum had a very quick easy and yummy recipe for corn chowder which i will probably use some time over winter for a work night dinner, but it does use mostly tinned ingredients. I wanted something similar but with mostly fresh ingredients. using the chowder recipes on taste for inspiration i came up with this recipe...

the amount i made will last us for 2-3 meals so it's a lot

olive oil
2 large onions, finely diced
6 slices shortcut bacon, finely diced
garlic to taste, chopped (i used a whole bulb as i have sick children)
around 1L water
5 chicken stock cubes
1 large carrot, diced
2 potatoes, diced
6-9 cobs of corn, de-husked, rinsed and kernels cut off the cob
about 1L low fat milk (you might need more, i'm not really sure. i used up the container of buttermilk as well)
cornflour to thicken (maybe about 6 tablespoons), mixed with small amount milk
can of creamed corn, optional
1/2 bunch spinach, chopped finely, optional
fresh lemon thyme
cayenne pepper, optional - only a small amount
black pepper, optional
fetta cheese, optional

heat oil, gently fry onion, bacon and garlic
add water and stock
add rest of the vegies
add milk and cornflour mix, stir well.
when carrot and potato is soft without being mushy add creamed corn, spinach, thyme and cayenne. let spinach wilt.
serve with cracked black pepper if desired and crumbled feta on top

would be nice served with fresh bread or damper :) YUM!

oh this would be easily done in the slow cooker, would probably take about 4-5 hours, maybe 6 depending on how small your diced vegies were.

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