Dips and garlic overload!

last night's dips and breads were yummy though a bit garlic overloaded - ooops! ryan was complaining about them being spicy and i thought he was crazy as i had put nothing spicy in but it was the garlic...

i still have garlic breath this morning LOL

i made
beetroot dip - beetroot, garlic, S&P, yoghurt, sumac
bean dip - mixed beans, olive oil, lemon juice, water, parsley, salt, garlic
spinach dip - english spinach, yoghurt, S&P, garlic
carrot - carrot (lol), cumin, coriander, yoghurt, salt

all 4 dips took about 20 minutes (inlcuding cooking the carrot one) in the thermomix, including washing it between each dip! i love my thermomix lol

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