Chilli Con Carne (and Senza Carne lol) - Slow Cooker

this is one of my favourite quick and easy to prepare slow cooker meals. for birthday parties (all our kids were born in months that are cooler for morning parties) i make this overnight and then serve it thicker as a dip with corn chips and sour cream. for dinner i serve it runnier with steamed rice and cheese on top.

it's very versatile as you can use all tinned products (as i do on work days) or fresh, if you have the time - and the products available!

500g lean beef mince (optional, if not used simply add 2-3 extra tins of beans etc)
1-2 onions, peeled and diced
2 cloves garlic, crushed
cumin, coriander, oregano, chilli / paprika / cayenne pepper / jalapeno peppers - approx 2 tabs of the first two, 1 tabs of oregano, and to taste for the last (i'm not even going to guess how much as i always end up with too much and ryan can't eat it lol)
a bit of cinnamon can be nice too.

fry til brown then place in slow cooker. (browning is optional, i prefer it but others don't worry)

place in slow cooker:
800 - 1600g (2-3 tins) of any combination of red kidney beans, 4 bean mix, cannelini beans and chick peas
maybe around 1200-1600g 3-4 tins of tomatoes (diced, crushed or whole). you can also use up any pasta sauce, sugo etc you might have stashed in the fridge.
chicken or beef stock - a few cubes / spoons of powder
vegies as desired including diced sweet potato, diced potato, diced capsicum of any colour, diced zucchini

when cooked serve with whatever you prefer of teh following:
sour cream
grated cheese
corn chips
white rice
fresh coriander
black olives
diced avocado
side salad

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