Chocolate Balls (yummo!) (GF, TMX)

Based on this recipe...

150g almonds

place in thermomix and grind on speed 8 for 10 seconds

add the remaining ingredients and chop / mix on speed 6 for 30 seconds:

120g pitted dates
1 tspn vanilla
good sprinkle salt
25g cocoa *
35g shredded coconut
15 coconut oil

roll into balls - or you can flatten into a tray, refridgerate and cut into pieces.

* I've tried grinding cacao nibs and using them but they had very little taste - i'd suggest using more if you want to try them.


Mands said...

These look delicious - I am going to have to make some for the boys (and one or two for me :))

Unknown said...

These are sensational and so easy! My family loves them.

Unknown said...

These are sensational! Have made them a few times now and my family loves them. Thanks for the healthy recipe.

Karen TW said...

thanks Carolyn, glad you liked them!