ryan's birthday cake!

well, talk about a slack blogger!

Ryan turned 7 a few weeks ago - it's not party year here for him (though how is it that somehow a celebration with 2 friends turns out as big - and expensive - as a party, by the time you get all the family there?! lol) so we went to AMF bowling to play a few games. Food was simple - popcorn and chips, with a superman cake.

once i started decorating the cake i got total stage fright at how to do it without ruining it - i don't even own a piping set anymore! (recommendations please, not the TW piping ball, ugh!) - before i thought to use my printed out logo as a stencil rather than inspiration ;) made the job much simpler than expected!

the black gel spoiled it a little i think, it didn't have a nozzle so putting it on evenly was rather difficult.

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