Jam Drops (GF, TMX)

it's been a long time since I last made these - around 2 years - so i decided to give them a try gluten free - they worked very well and finally! something all 3 kids will eat!!! lol

based on the recipe from Taste, made GF and doubled...

Gluten Free Jam Drops

250g butter, softened *
200g sugar or castor sugar
2 tspn vanilla essence
2 eggs
520g gluten free self raising flour or plain flour with 4-5 tspns baking powder added
plain flour, to dust
2/3 cup strawberry jam **

preheat oven to 180'c

put butter and sugar into thermomix and mix on speed 4 until light and creamy (you may need to scrape down) - around 20-30 seconds.

add vanilla essence and eggs and mix on speed 4 for another 20 seconds.

add flour and mix on speed 4 until combined - you will probably need to help it a little with a spatula as the dough gets stiffer.

roll teaspoonfuls into balls, flatten slightly and place on lined tray. when you've done a tray-full flour one of your thumbs or fingers (or the end of a wooden spoon etc) and create an indentation in each ball. fill with a small amount of jam.

bake for 15 minutes until just golden brown. leave on trays to cool.

I found that mine lasted in a tupperware container for 6 days! (usually i find GF cakes etc go dry very quickly)

* if my butter is straight out of the fridge i soften it by cubing, then putting in the thermomix on 37'c speed 4 for 20-25 seconds (any longer will melt it)

** if you make your own thermomix jam try making some runnier than usual, it's perfect!

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