Using my recipes...

I love sharing my recipes. If I didn't, I wouldn't post them on the World Wide Web (duh lol)

However I was a bit annoyed a few days ago to visit a thermomix forum (not THE Forum Thermomix) to find my recipe/s copied and pasted there, complete with my comments and typos, with no acknowledgement of their source. *

Of course, I often, actually mostly always these days (!) use other people's recipes for my cooking, but I always acknowledge the source, and link back to it (and if I've missed doing that a million apologies, just let me know and I will rectify it!).

It's just good Netiquette to link back and give the original poster credit.

* I tried to join the forum so I could post my own links back - along with comments along these lines - but never received the email that would enable me to join *sigh*

For those of you who do use Netiquette, thank you and enjoy!!!

posted by Karen on http://brazen20au.blogspot.com/


Jo Whitton said...

How annoying! That is so rude. :(

Thermomixer said...

Think that might be a dead forum - but if it is the Thermomix Forum let me know which recipes.

Thermomix Carrot CAke ? and others?