Little Chef Cafe - Gluten Free Pizza in Belconnen

One of my friends whose mum is a coeliac had told me about a store in the Oatley Court area of Belconnen but I really wasn't sure where it was. I had to go to the nearby lighting shop a few weeks ago, with the girls, and bribed the girls with pizza if they were well behaved in the lighting shop (nightmare place to take children lol) AND if we could find it!!

Anyway, we did find it and discovered that it was a lovely place to have found! (thanks Sal ;))

Little Chef is in Nettlefold St, opposite the lighting place and the hairdresser. Their online menu doesn't feature any gluten free options, but their (hard copy) takeaway menu does. However, it is ONLY pizzas which are gluten free.

They are ahve an idea about what is and isn't GF, and very happy to check ingredients for you if you ask.

The pizza was reasonable, different to Zeffirelli, and perhaps not quite as nice (to my tastes) but certainly yummy, reasonably priced - GF is $3 extra i think, so just under $20 - and it's nice to have more options, both in places to go and in toppings. we had a chicken pizza as they roast / BBQ their own chickens and do them gluten free - yay!! you can also pick your crust size, which you can't do at Zeffs.

We ate in and it was quite nice, they get a lot of the workers from around that area, but you can also pick up and take home too. oh, they also deliver though it was a $5 charge to our suburb.

I definitely recommend giving them a try :D

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Thermomixer said...

You obviously live on the RICH side of town -;) $5 delivery right

Keep up the blogging xoxox

brazen's crafts said...

LOL not quite!

most of our stores do free delivery thank goodness! (and give discounts for pick up so dh usually goes to get it anyway ;))