we are meeting friends for lunch today at Myer belconnen's cafe (bellacinos?). i went in this morning to check on gluten free lunch options for miss aurora and they had 2 - the caesar salad (with no croutons of course) or the lunch special of a chicken, sundried tomato and rucola risotto. we know what a risotto fan she is so that is what she is having :)

will report back soon, and must report on my birthday dinner too!!!


Thermomixer said...

Are you finding lots of GF options? I see more restaurant menus with GF, veg etc on them. But it is often those little extra things and sauces that catch you out !!

Hope you had a good lunch.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi there...I love that Belconnen shopping centre but have not tried that cafe...Will try it one day when I am up.
About the rice cookies...thanks for that info...I will check out the pack...was wondering why sometimes I feel a bit funny after them, but too bad though as long as I don't have too many. Have a great weekend♥x
Haha my word verification is colic!!!