thermomix news!!!!

I am finally succumbing and am going to sell the thermomix!! I will be doing training at the end of July and will be available for demonstrations in Canberra and area from August on (i think, possibly October) - so if you'd like to see it, with no pressure to buy, please contact me on khedleytw at gmail.com :)

I'm excited to have yet another avenue to spread my love of thermomix!


Cath said...

I'm kind of intrigued by this gadget, especially the temperature control. Perfect for bread and yoghurt, I'd imagine. I do find it annoying that I can't find mention of the price anywhere on the associated sites, though.

Thermomixer said...

Great news Karen - two Karens in canberra may get tricky for the clients?

Cath - it is about $1939 - it annoys me too that they don't have the price on their website.

brazen's crafts said...

cath, it's very intriguing!

yes it is a pain the price isn't there, but no different to tupperware lol

cath, if you're in canberra i'd be happy to do a demo for you in august :)

Cath said...

I think I see why: the price is pretty scary. Even my kitchenaid was only $500... A demo could be interesting sometime a bit later when I have more $ and less post-renovation cleanup to do - and yes, I'm in Canberra, I write http://thecanberracook.blogspot.com/

Karen TW said...

I know who you are and how you found me :)

yes, the price is scary but you'll use it heaps more than your kitchenaid I promise! I don't have a KA but I do use my TMX 2-6 times a day, every day ;D

oh i'm signed in under the wrong account, but it's me, i swear lol