I know I shouldn't complain

when in Australia it is so much easier to find gluten free food out and about, but when you are visiting another city and arenot familiar with what is where it can be quite tricky to find suitable GF food, particularly when you factor theage of the GF person into the equation ;) even providing from the supermarket can be tricky when you're in an area that is not so affluent or knowledgable.

today we had to go with Muffin Break for a snack - we usually avoid MB because it simply costs our family of 5 far too much money (the muffins are $4 or maybe a ltitle more each and then when you add drinks on top...) but at least we knew the kids would eat it. well actually, ryan didn't but that's another story lol

tommorrow we are havingl unch with friends and i have bought to take, GF sausages from coles (the little ones, i forget what they call them), corn on the cob, jelly and custard, and this risotto http://brazen20au.blogspot.com/2008/04/brazens-oven-baked-pumpkin-risotto-2.html (sorry for no link, i can't work out how to do it on this silly mac!) it's hard cooking out of your own kitchen - we were going to bring the thermomix with us but just forgot to get it organised... bah lol

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