Butter Chicken

2 tb oil
1 kg chicken
60g butter of ghee
2 tspns garam masala
2 tspns sweet paprika
2 tspns ground coriander
1 tab finely chopped fresh ginger
¼ tspn chilli powder
1 cinnamon stick
6 cardamom pods, cruised
350g pureed tomatoes
1 tab sugar
¼ cup plain yoghurt
½ cup cream
1 tab lemon juice

Heat wok til very hot, heat oil and stiry fry chicken half at a time.
Reduce heat, add butter and melt, add spices and fry 1 min. return chicken and coat in spices
Add tomato & sugar, simmer 15 mins.
Add yoghurt, cream & juice and simmer 5 mins
Serve with rice & pappadums
Serves 4-6

one of my workmates shared this recipe with me - it's from the book Bowl Food which looks like a good one (like i need another recipe book lol).

we made it the other night and it just didn't taste or smell as good as his but he said he cooks it a lot longer than the recipe says, so i'm going to give it a try in the slow cooker. he does his on the stove but our stove doesn't cook as low as he says his does.

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