Bit of a catch up...

Last night i made (sort of lol) sesame pork cups . I couldn't follow the recipe exactly because i didn't have any hoi sin sauce - so i discovered at the last minute (i used char sui sauce instead) and i couldn't get a butter lettuce so got a coral, which made it impossible to eat these as cups or rolls!!

I also added to the pork mix 2 finely grated carrots and a finely sliced green capsicum - brilliant idea as the kids had no idea it was there. (when i 'hide' vegies like this i'm more than happy to tell them theyr're there, so they know they aren't so bad after all!! but i admit i do try to put extra vegies into everything as much as possible, i did this prekids anyway, to try to cut down the calorie intake and up my own vegie intake :))

they were very popular with the whole family though! next time i'll probably chop the pork up into a coarse mince so it's more like a sang choy bow, and seeing as the 'sesame' taste was negligent, will add a little sesame oil (which i'm also out of atm).

on the right in the picture is an omelette which i made by quickly stirfrying some garlic (yay, i finally got fresh garlic that wasn't mouldy! even if it was russian / elephant garlic), ginger and 2 bunches of pak choy. then pour off lots of beaten eggs mixed with a little soy sauce, sherry and cold water. usually i would make a sauce to go over it but i was too lazy plus i couldn't cope with the idea of having it with no sesame oil in it lol

i also made the thermomix marble cake for the rest of the family to have for dessert after.

yesterday afternoon i also made a batch of the salsa to have baked over chicken (this is the world's easiest recipe and i can never get over how good it tastes! you just pour a jar of salsa over some chicken breasts and top with grated cheese then bake!) i did the salsa in the thermomix and was hoping to have a new recipe conversion to post but i think it's one i need to work on - i cooked it too low and it took forever. once i turned the heat up it was much better :) anyway, i'm impressed, the salsa looks just like the bought stuff and hopefully when i cook it in the next few days it will taste just as good if not better! (the tomatoes weren't the greatest so i'm not really sure...)

i realised this morning that i forgot to post ages ago (after i had the food poisoning) that i had tried the crumpets again and had more success with them! i'm sure i changed the recipe just a little and now of course i can't quite remember how *rolling eyes*

so today i want to try to get the sausage rolls and pizza scrolls done and in the freezer ready for the party. i always get so stressed trying to be the mega hostess so i'm hoping to get as much done ahead of time as possible :) i'm going to do the pizza scrolls with a scone dough rather than puff pastry.

tonight's dinner will be butter chicken, which i'll cook in the slow cooker. will post the recipe later...

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