It's Breakie Time!

brazen's fruit porridge

Rick blogged his version of TMX porridge the other day which reminded me that I'd been thinking about blogging my own, wondering if i did it differently to everyone else! now i know i do lol. porridge is one of my favourite things to make in the TMX, it is sooooo creamy and rich, and SO quick and easy! pre-thermomix i basically didn't eat porridge because it's was too much trouble and just not nice without all the 'naughty' extras such as brown sugar, cream and butter :-0

1 piece of fruit such as a banana or an apple
55g oats (i use aldi oats, the packet doesn't say they're instant but i think they probably are)
160-220g skim milk*

peel banana, halve and place in tmx, add other ingredients.
if i'm using apple i just cut the sides of it and cut them in half (so use eighths) and leave the core behind.

cook for 4 minutes on 80' or 90' speed 4

pour and scrape out - i LOVE my tupperware spatula for this (but don't ever use anything but the tmx spatula to cook with!), top with anything extra such as yoghurt, and serve.

this is enough for rory and myself, or just me (but a big bowlful)

*if i'm going to have yoghurt on top i use 160g for a thicker porridge. 220g makes a runny porridge which you don't need to add anything to.

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