not much to say this week lol

yesterday i put the spag bol sauce in the slow cooker for the day, it gives it so much flavour. i have decided i need to up the vegies in the sauce and put less lentils, the lentils keep absorbing and make the sauce too thick after you've put it in the spaghetti! LOL

i just had a freak out as i remembered i start my overlocking class tonight and didn't have everything to make most of the things on the list - but i can do the tandoori chicken. i just have to see what vegies i've got to add into the dhal. just about to put the chicken in the tandoori paste (jsut a bought one these days).

felt very weird only spending $17 at choku bai jo on monday lol I was DEVESTATED (hope i spelled it right) to find no golden delicious apples SOB!!!! they are my dream perfect divine apple! i can't eat most apples as they either hurt my teeth or my tummy (IBS) and these not only did neither but were the perfect crunch and taste... sob again...

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Dani said...

I had the same feeling this week spending only $11 at the market. I keep anxiously checking the fridge, sure I'll have to top up on something but we're definitely OK through to tomorrow. Then it's only Friday to get through, surely I can manage that. Very odd feeling.