menu plan

hmmm seems i'm not doing well at sticking to the menu plan. i'm just going to copy and paste items from teh past 2 weeks and i don't even need to add anything new lol i guess i'll jsut be fruit shopping this week...

Spaghetti Bolognese (ryan's choice)

Pasta Carbonara and Salad (emelia's choice)

rice paper rolls (geoff's choice)

tandoori chicken, rice and daal

moroccan beef fillet and couscous

to buy
brown onions
apples (golden delicious, yum)

hmmm that's about it LOL not sure how we managed to do that - we had dinner at mum's on thursday. i think we might have bought dinner on wednesday. and tonight was friday's leftovers with the stir fry veg steamed on the side.

and it's reminded me that i need to go and cook the mince so the spag bol sauce can go in teh slow cooker tomorrow, and make the apple sauce with the granny smiths i have in teh cupboard...

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