Chicken Soup for the sickies and Farmhouse bake for us

this recipe for tonight's dinner needs cooked chicken. so instead of buying a BBQ chook i tossed the 1.5kg of chicken breasts i had in the fridge into the slow cooker, sprinkled oregano over it and put a mostly peeled and trimmed bulb of garlic on top. cooked it for maybe 3 hours on high - only because i forgot about it LOL and then turned it down to warm for an hour or so. if there wasn't wine in the recipe i would have put in a splosh of white wine too.

used two of the breasts shredded in the recipe above. 2 of the breasts went into the freezer to use for quick after work meals, and the juices - probably 1.5 cups - which smelled divine, went into a saucepan with a grated carrot and zucchini, and some alphabet pasta, and enough water to cook the pasta and still be chicken soup-y. ryan and rory are currently demolishing it! i would have also put garlic in it for the sick ones, but ryan has a mouth ulcer that is very sensitive so thought it best to be safe than sorry...

the pasta bake will be ready in about 10 minutes, it was pretty easy to make and easy to use as a starting point - i already added spinach and fresh basil into it and feta on top of it lol

review: it was bland :( it kind of grew on me as i ate it but dh wasn't keen. it needed some more oomph - maybe some stock intead of just water, some feta chunks through it and some sliced olives?

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