this afternoon's assignment (much as i'd prefer to be sleeping - child-free) is to use up the carton of buttermilk i bought which is out of date tomorrow. i bought it planning to make pancakes (but never got around to it) and a marinade for chicken (but we have no meat left).

anyway, this is what i'm going to try:
black devil's food cake
spiced prune buttermilk loaf

i've also got to cook the cabbage to go with the beef casserole for dinner tonight (i love my cabbage slow cooked with a little butter, until it's soft and sweet - YUM!)

will report back on the recipes some time later...

well the devil's food cake is ok. the kids seem to like it, not really my style (i prefer 'real chocolate' cakes like my mudcake). i must remember it's eggfree though for those days when i have no eggs in the house!

the prune loaf has only just gone in the oven but the batter is delicious and being fought over as i type! lol
ETA - the prune loaf is DIVINE! definitely one i will make again more than once. so delicious and you'd never know they were prunes.

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