Afternoon Tea at my house...

this afternoon i hosted an undercover wear party. one of my guests admitted to having stalked this blog and keeping an eye out to make sure that i hadn't eaten all the passionfruit slice i'd made so she could have some LOL *waving hello to L*

so, it was a yummy afternoon tea!

the passionfruit slice was good, though i made it with orange juice not lemon so it was different - didn't have the same tartness. i juiced 2 large oranges instead of 2 small lemons so i thought it might not set but my stupid oven timer has stopped working so i cooked it a little longer than i was supposed to anyway and it was fine :)

i also made the carrot cake which went down well, though when the party had finished i discovered miss emelia had been helping myself to the cream cheese on the half of the cake that was left lol

and just so it wasn't all sweet and rich i also served some homemade foccacia with the turkish dips leftover from last night.

i admit that i was actually going to serve the leftover turkish bread and have the foccacia with the pumpkin soup i made for lunch - but after i put it in the oven to rise for 15 mins i discovered unlike the bread recipe i use this one had to rise for 1 1/2 hours!!!! so we ate the turkish bread at lunchtime LOL i'm glad though - the foccacia (the thermomix recipe) was DIVINE! YUM! took about 4 minutes to make, and was cooked 2 hours later and better than any foccacia i've had since i lived in italy!

tip for me to remember though - to flour the mat before leaving it to rise - it stuck to the mat terribly.

g's turn to cook tonight, he's going to make the pasta recipe in the thermomix (i don't really feel like eating but the kids had their afternoon tea a good hour or so before me lol)

as for the pumpkin soup, i always feel recipes are kind of superfluous, it's so hard to stuff up pumpkin soup ;p
but todays was more of that huge ironbark pumpkin (it is sooooo damn hard to cut, omg), onion, garlic and ginger, and the aldi curry mix (i LOVE their blend, it is so good and totally different to the keens etc), chicken stock powder, 1 potato, 1 large carrot, and water to nearly cover. cook til soft, blend and then add a can of evaporated skim milk and mix well. serve!

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