Dairy-free Cauliflower Pizza Base - tested

 I made the Dairy-free cauliflower pizza base last night. mine is green because i put parsley and basil in it lol

 I didn't mind it and would definitely have it again. however there is no way I'd sneak this past any of my family. I think perhaps the dairy version with cheese would be more successful for sneaking ;)

I did learn that making one big base is not a good idea, as the edges were nice and crispy, but the middle was thick and soggy. I will make small individual "pieces" instead.

I also steamed my cauliflower in the tmx basket (lined with baking paper) and i suspect that was an error as it made it much wetter than it should have been.

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Martine @ Chompchomp said...

My first time I tried this I had too much moisture in the cauliflower...like it turned to a moist puree. How do you prevent this?

Karen TW said...

yes mine was like that too. i suspect that microwaving it might be more successful than steaming, or maybe even baking?